Hi there!  It's Mrs. Odum and I love to talk to you about reading. I love to read and hope that you do too.

    I have created this section of my web page so we can do some things together even if we aren't together!  Check back from time to time because I am going to post new things as I think of them or find them.  If you do something you really like or find something that is fun to do with reading that I haven't posted, send me an email and let me know.  I would love to hear from you!  I will check my email from time to time over the summer to see if you have emailed anything to me.  Try to find something to be happy about each and every day!  Have a GREAT summer and I will see you in August!!!


    My email address:  dodum@marionunit2.org

  • Links to some fun things to do and read.  

    1.  BTSB (Bound to Stay Bound) is the name of the company where I purchase a lot of our library books.  They have set up these educational resources for your use.  Click around on the various tabs and find something that you like.  Some are authors reading their books, some are authors suggesting activities for you to do and some are publishing companies (the company that actually puts the book together for the author) that are going to let you read ebooks for free.  Have fun exploring these offerings.  BTSB resources

    2.  Marion Carnegie Library.  The Marion Carnegie Library may be closed :( just like our school, but if you have a library card from them you can still read ebooks.  Just go to their website:  Marion City Library  You will need to have your library card number and a computer or ereader (tablet, Kindle, etc).  Have fun finding that "just perfect" book to read!

    3.  I love zoos and watching the animals.  Here is the link to the youtube videos from the Cincinnati Zoo so we can all see all the different animals they spotlight.  I've watched two so far and plan to watch more in the coming days.  When my boys were little, we watched a weekly PBS show filmed at the Cincinnati Zoo and it's theme song has stuck with me all this years:  "Let's go to the zoo, zoo, zoo; Let's go to the zoo, zoo, zoo.  There's so much to see and do when you go to the zoo!".  Enjoy the animals: Cincinnati Zoo

    4.  HARRY POTTER FANS:  Here is something just for you.  Check out these links:  Intro Harry Potter at Home  Harry Potter at Home  You will be able to access some things without logging in but some may require a login.  Have your parents check it out with you and tell you what you can and cannot do.  Have fun!





    I know you all like a good joke and/or riddle and while I was in my book closet trying to find a book to read for FlipGrid, I found a book of jokes, Garfield's Big Fat Hairy Joke Book.  So every few days (as often as I can) I will post one or two jokes/riddles for you.  If it is a riddle I will post the answer at the bottom of this section in very tiny print so you can have a chance to guess the answer before you read it!

    1.  Why did Garfield take a bath after stealing Odie's dinner?

    Joke:  What's the difference between a barking dog and an umbrella?  You can shut the umbrella up!

    2.  What is Garfield's favorite kind of car?

    Joke:  Garfield always watches what he eats.  Otherwise some crumbs might get away!

    3.  What would you get if you crossed two fish with two elephants?

    Joke:  What did the ocean say to the little girl?  Nothing.  It only waved.

    4.  Why is it so breezy in a football stadium?

    Joke:  "It certainly was hot on the farm last week."  "How hot was it?" "It was so hot, the chickens were laying hard-boiled eggs!"

    5.  Which of the Great Lakes is the spookiest?

    Joke:  Teacher--"Why do hummingbirds hum?"  Student--"Because they forgot the words."

    6.  Why did the man run around his bed?

    Joke:  "Doctor, my brother thinks he's a dog!" "That's a real problem" "I know.  Our apartment doesn't allow pets."




    Riddle answers:

    1.  He wanted to make a clean getaway!

    2.  A Cat-illac

    3.  A pair of swimming trunks!

    4.  Because it is full of fans!

    5.  Lake Eerie

    6.  He was trying to catch up on his sleep.

  • Enjoy your summer!!!  I look forward to seeing you in August!



    It will be tough to go "back to reality" and go to school again each day!




    But I will be there to give you a big greeting of "WELCOME" since I will miss you and will want to see you again!  I look forward to checking library books out to you and reading to you!! 

    Welcome Back