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    Accelerated Reader is a computerized reading program that evaluates a student's comprehension of the book that they have read.  AR is an online program and most of the books in our library have a test available for them.  After the student reads the book, they take a test on the computer that tells them and their teacher how well they understood and remembered what they read.

    You can check to see if any book has an AR test by clicking on the link below and typing in the book title.

    AR BookBag  

    Thank you, PTO, for funding this program for us.  We appreciate it!


    Washington School Media Center's AR Reward program:

    The Washington School Media Center is sponsoring an AR Reward Program for the 4th-5th grade students.  In this voluntary program, we will reward the students each grading period in the following manners:


    ICE CREAM PARTY FOR THE TOP 5 IN POINTS!Love the ice cream!

    We will be having ice cream at lunch for the top five 5th graders and top five 4th graders each grading period.



    Thank you, PTO, for sponsoring our reward program--we enjoy every bite of our rewards!!