Million Word Challenge

  • 4th & 5th Graders:

    Can YOU read a million words before the end of the school year???


    It will not be easy but it will not be as hard as you may be thinking :)


    Here are some numbers for you to think about:

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid:  Dog Days has 19,591 words

    Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus book) has 132,818 words!

    Judy Moody, Mood Martian has 15,920 words.

    Amelia Earhart, Young Aviator has 36,755 words

    What Was the First Thanksgiving? has 7,241 words

  can be done! 


    You will have to read EVERY day (at least a few pages!!)  Read things you enjoy--Fiction (mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, whatever) or Non-fiction (sports, science, history, biographies, whatever).  If the book you read has an AR test, we can find out how many words are in the book from AR.  If the book doesn't have an AR test, we will estimate how many words are in the book. 


    Everyone who wants to try to read a million words can keep track of the words they have read on their AR TOPS reports.  The bottom section shows totals for the entire school year of points earned AND NUMBER OF WORDS READ.    There will be a display set up in the library so you can have a visual of how you are doing.    If the book you have read does not have an AR test, bring it to me to look at.  I will quiz you on the book and estimate how many words I think are in the book and then record that on a Reading Log Sheet.  If your class does not do AR, then I will keep a Reading Log Sheet for you in a binder on my desk.  At the end of the school year, I will have a special treat for everyone who reaches 1,000,000 words!!

    READY?   Set.   GO!!!   Read!  Read!  Read!!!





    Last year we had 12 Million Word Readers (six 4th graders and six 5th graders)!!!   AWESOME!!! 


    How many will we have this year????



  • Do you believe it?







    Last year we had 5 two million word readers.  How about this year?   Can we have more???


  • Three Million Words!!!!

    Is it possible???   YES!

    Awesome job!


    We had 2 three million word readers last year so we KNOW it is possible. 

    You rock!




    I am so proud of all the students who worked hard and read so many words this school year.  I am especially proud of these five students who read over 2 Million Words!  As a surprise on Awards Day,  I awarded each of them with an old Washington School Library book that had been page-folded into their first initial.  


    A Job Well Done!