Here is the day your child's class has a library time:

    Monday:                                      Tuesday:

    McMurtry - 2nd                             Kissing - K 

    Stewart - 2nd                               Thompson - K

    Jackson -3rd                                Johnson - 1st

    Pearce - 3rd                                 

    Randolph - 4th                             

    Gribble -5th                                 

    Holderfield - 5th                           

    Reynolds - 5th                                 



    Wednesday:                                Thursday:

    Deatherage - K                             Lincoln - 1st

    Lincoln - 1st                                 Potocki - 2nd

    Fike - 4th                                     Thompson - 2nd

    Osborne - 4th                               Kadela - 3rd

    Vickery - 5th                   



    Culbreth - 3rd

    Emery - 4th

    Melton - K

    Tanner - 1st



    PLEASE REMEMBER to bring your library book back to school each week. 


    Reading smiley face


    • Remember your library day!
    • Remember to bring your books back on time!
    • Remember that someone else may want to read that book!
    • Remember to take EXCELLENT care of your library book!
    • Remember that YOU are responsible for your book--not Mom or Dad!


    We love reading!