• E-Rate Form 470

    Vendor FAQ

    Funding Year 2020

    This page was created for vendors responding to our recently filed Form 470(s). 

    If you have further questions not answered above or on the Form 470 itself, please send an email to Jerry Stanley, Director of Technology, at jstanley@marionunit2.org.

    Tell us about the school district:

    Marion Unit #2 is located in Marion, IL – 125 miles southeast of St. Louis, 320 miles south of Chicago.

    The district is comprised of 5 elementary schools (4 – K-5 and 1 – K-8), one Jr. High, one High School and a central administration office.

    Enrollment fluctuates slightly from year to year (and during the year) but the current year’s fall enrollment count was approximately 4030 students.

    Please describe your current Internet connectivity.

    Currently we have 2 Internet connections.  1 - 300 mb fiber connection and 1 -350 mb fiber connection. All  7 buildings  and the district office are connected by fiber with a multi-point to point network thru Delta/Clearwave Communications/Cable One.  We are in our final year of a 5 year contract.

     Describe your current local and long distance services.

    Currently each building has its own phone system with varying numbers of outside lines coming in to each building on a rotary/hunt group.  Our high school is served by a PRI.  There are also dedicated fax lines at each building. With larger buildings having more.   All local and long distance service is fiber based. Again, we will be in year 4 of a 5 year contract with Delta/Clearwave Communicatins for these services.  We also have a variety of copper lines needed for emergency services and elevators.

    Describe your current website and/or email hosting environment.

     We currently have a district website, and websites for each of our school buildings. Essentially any staff member can have their own page for their department, classroom, club, or team. We do not offer student pages at this time nor is there an interest in doing so.

    We currently us the Google email system for district employees. We also  offer student email accounts through Google.  Our archiving service is handled through Google Vault.

    We have a full 1:1 environment from Kindergarten thru 12th grade.  We use chromebooks and our wireless system is Ruckus.

    Additional Information:

    Sonic Walls

    NSA E5600       COEAE4B1DF9C  Marion High School

    NSA 5650         2CB8ED1DFD80  Marion Jr. High School

    Zone Directors Ruckus UPG 3000

    201208000038  Adams/Creal Springs, Lincoln, Longfellow, Washington and Jefferson

    221636000051  Marion Jr. High School

    321308000150  Marion High School



    Thank you for your interest in Marion Unit #2.