• Reading Eggs

    Reading Eggs is an online program that focuses on enhancing reading skills!  Students can work on their level while listening to songs and playing interactive games.  To visit the website, click here: Reading Eggs





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    This online site accompanies the reading curriculum your child is using in his/her classroom.  Students can visit this site to play games associated with the skills that are being covered in the classroom, listen to the stories online, and read additional books related to the week's genre and theme. To visit this website, click here: Wonders ConnectEd  



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    This online website will help students with their spelling skills. This will allow students to practice current spelling lists. Students can gain extra practice at school or at home! To view this website, click here: Spelling City



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    XtraMath allows students to have extra math fact practice. Your child will be working on their academic level. To view this website, click here:  XtraMath


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     Moby Max is tailored to your child's academic level to help them develop skills and acheive their goals. Your child can earn game time each time they log on and practice their skills.  To visit the website, click here: Moby Max