• Parents/Guardians, Community Members and Students,

    As Marion Junior High School Principal, I would like to welcome you to the school's web page.  I hope you will find this site informative and insightful.  The administration, faculty and staff make students the priority while providing a safe and productive learning environment.  The faculty and staff are committed to teaching a well-rounded, standards-based curriculum which prepares students for high school.  If you have questions or concerns regarding Marion Junior High School, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    The administration, faculty and staff is always willing to hear suggestions/concerns/questions, etc.  Please do not hesitate to contact the office. 

    Becky Moss
    Marion Junior High School
    618-997-1317 ext. 282



  • What is Bullying?

    Bullying is a form of violence among children encompassing negative acts carried out repeatedly over time. 

    Bullying can take three forms...

    1.  Physical:  hitting, kicking, spitting, pushing, taking personal belongings

    2.  Verbal:  taunting, malicious teasing, name calling, making threats

    3.  Psychological:  spreading rumors, manipulating social relationships, engaging in social exclusion, extortion, intimidation


    1.  Tell someone!

    2.  Keep a diary or journal of what is happening

    3.  Stick with a group/avoid being alone

    4.  Avoid areas where the bully is likely to be

    5.  Don't fight back, if you can help it

    6.  Try not to show you are angry or upset 

    Report Bullying:

    You may call the office at any time to report bullying.  Mr. Williamson, Assistant Principal, Mrs. Stowers, Assistant Principal, Mrs. Ashmore, Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Farley, Guidance Counselor, and I are more than willing to take your call.  If we do not know about a situation/incident, then how can we address it?

       All reports are confidential. 

    If a student needs to report something, the office doors are always open.  They may report bullying to any adult with whom they feel comfortable.