• My name is Nathan Bittle. I am currently in my 17th year as a Physical Education teacher.  This is my 11th year teaching in Marion Unit 2.  I teach Physical Education in grades K-5 at Jefferson and Washington Schools. In my class, students will perform a variety of games and physical activities.  I teach each child two days each week for 30 min periods.  Each year as students continue to grow, we put a greater emphasis on their own physical health and well being.  I try to challenge my students to worry about their own standards so that they take control of their own health.   I would like for my students to enjoy their time in my class while knowing that they have done something to better themselves physically.
    *NEW* for 2016 -- ISBE has adopted Fitness Testing requirements which must be recorded and submitted to the ISBE (Illinois State Board of Education)
    Part 1, Section 1.425 states that students shall be tested in an effort to meet State Goal 20. These tests will be administered for grades 3-5 at our schools.
    Schools must do the following
    *Administer 4 portions of Fitness Gram
    1. Aerobic Capacity  (We will administer the Pacer or 1-mile run)
    2. Flexibility (Sit and Reach)
    3. Muscular Endurance (Curl Ups)
    4. Muscular Strength (Push Ups)
    Our district must report results electronically to ISBE by May 1, 2017, and annually thereafter.  The fitness data reported WILL NOT contain any individual student names, only aggregate data of those tested by grade and gender will be reported.
    Please feel free to call me at Washington (618-993-8534) or Jefferson (618-993-3287), or email me at nbittle@marionunit2.org should you have any questions.
    Please follow me on twitter at @MrBittle76 to find pictures, videos, and more fun stuff from my class and Washington and Jefferson Elementary School