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    A great resource for students in Kindergarten and first grade.  This site reinforces literacy skills such as letter names, letter sounds, beginning sounds, word families, and beginning reading skills.


    Use this link - www.starfall.com

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    A fun and engaging online program for building literacy skills for students in grades K-3.  Contact your child's teacher for your child's login information to access Reading Eggs from home.


    Use this link - www.readingeggs.com

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    This online site accompanies the reading curriculum your child is using in his/her classroom.  Visit the site to play games associated with the skills that are being covered in the classroom, listen to stories online, and read additional books.  Contact your child's teacher for login information to access your child's account.


    Use this link - www.connected.mcgraw-hill.com

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    Mrs. Parks' Website

    This site is for students in grades K-5.  The site was developed by our Technology Instructor, Mrs. Parks.  Your child has used many of the activities and programs on this page during Computer Lab at school.


    Use this link - Mrs. Parks' Website