Welcome to my Home Page!  The following is a list of assignments and work done in class.  This is the same list as your student wrote in the assignment book at school on Monday or the first day of the week. It is worth 5 points each week if copied in the assignment book.  It may be copied on an alternative sheet for 5 points after the student shows a parent or guardian and has it signed by them.


Monday September 8 - Friday September 12, 2014

Monday 9-8-14

· Agenda Ck #4

· Finish Guidelines for Safety

· Flash symbols

· Graph of PT exp - group’s data

HW: Finish graph of group data     

         Study for retest of Chapter 1 if you missed any questions

Tuesday 9-9-14

· Retest Ch 1 – ones you missed

· Flash cards – symbols

· Graph class data for PT experiment - mean average

HW: Finish mean average for your class data – see rubric

Wednesday 9-10-14

· Do median, mode, and range of class PT data set

· Flash cards – symbols


Thursday 9-11-14

· Symbols and safety guidelines test

· Read Science World Magazine – Drones


 Friday 9-12-14

No Student Attendance – Teacher In-Service

Monday September 15 - Friday September 19, 2014

Monday 9-15-14

· Agenda Ck #5

· Pass back/debrief safety guidelines & symbol test

· Read Science World articles

HW: Finish median, mode and range of class data – show all work

Tuesday 9-16-14

· Grade median, mode and range of class data

· Metric measurement lab: Volume


Wednesday 9-17-14

· Metric lab: Volume with grad. cylinders


   Thursday 9-18-14

· Measure with metric units: Length 

·  Figure Volume of a cylinder and surface area

No HW if lab is finished in class

   Friday 9-19-14

 · Distance WS with conversions in metric units

HW: Finish WS for distance (use a metric ruler) 

Monday  9-22-14

· Metric Lab: Mass

HW: Finish Lab report