Welcome to my Home Page!  The following is a list of assignments and work done in class.  This is the same list as your student wrote in the assignment book at school on Monday or the first day of the week.


Lesson Plans - Biermann

August 17 - 19, 2016

Wednesday 8-17-16

1. Go over rules Student/Parent Handbook

2. Go over materials expectations:

· composition notebook for science journal - decorate soon (Friday)

· 3 ring binder for paper and agenda book

· agenda book for assignments

· writing utensils – pens, pencils, no gel pens or light colors

· bring textbook every day

3. Go over PBIS matrix:  Be respectful, Be responsible, Be Safe (see chart) and apply to classroom, hallway, Cafeteria, Restrooms, Playground, Bus, Gym

5. Go over science class expectations:  Be ready and enter quietly, take a seat, and you may talk quietly until I/we enter, then these happen:

· sit up straight

· knees/feet under your desk

· be quiet

· look at teacher

5.  Letters  home for parents (keep letter)–Bring last sheet due Friday

Thursday 8-18-16

1. Review class rules

2. Collect parent signature sheets (and tissues first hour)

3.  Show kids Passes for leaving room

4.  Get to know you - toilet paper talk

5.  Student profile sheets

Friday 8-19-16

1.  Review rules for entering class and beginning class

2.  Collect parent signature sheets (due today)

3.  Finish games

4. Science Journals  - decorate Title Page and glue in notebooks

5. Location group movements

Monday August 22 – Friday August 21, 2015


Monday 8-22-16

  Agenda Check #1

  Power Point – Science Notebooks

  Finish Title page and set up Table of Contents – Notebooks

  Assign text books

  Sign Textbook Inventory



Tuesday 8-23-16

  Safety contract passed out and read (have parents sign)

  Notebooks – left/right side

  Scavenger hunt p. xii

  Lab groups – moves demonstrated



Wednesday 8-24-16

  Section 1 vocabulary demonstrated/whole class

  Read Sec. 1 p. 6-11

  Begin Section Review p. 11 – Demonstrate restating Q



Thursday 8-25-16

  Finish Section Review p. 11 #1-5

  Begin reading Sec. 2 p. 12

  Make a flow chart of common steps to science method p. 12 (mimio)



Friday 8-26-16

  Define hypothesis, theory, law

  Finish reading sec. 2  through p. 18

  Section review p. 18 #1-5 & 6 – class Q

HW: None if Q are complete