Welcome to my Home Page!  The following is a list of assignments and work done in class.  This is the same list as your student wrote in the assignment book at school on Monday or the first day of the week.



Monday November 30 – Friday December 4, 2015

Standard: NGSS PS4-3

Core idea- PS4-C Digitized signals are a more reliable way to encode and transmit information


Monday 11-30-15

1.   Agenda Ck #8

2.   Information technologies and instrumentation: What signals are used in which devices?


Tuesday 12-1-15

1.   Activity 1: A digital stream model

2.   Formative assessment: writing prompt rubric


Wednesday 12-2-15

1.   Activity 2: digital vs. analog signal

2.   Moon landing video – analog signal


Thursday 12-3-15

1.   Second message: a low resolution letter

2.   Third message: a higher resolution letter

(Or more messages)


Friday 12-4-15

1.   How many 0s and 1s would it take to fill my computer screen?