Michael Absher - President

Elected: 2011

Current Board Positions Held : Board President, Finance Committee, Insurance Committee

Did you attend Unit #2? Yes

Other Family Member Attending (or Attended):

Cole Absher 7th Grade - Fall 2011

Additional Information:

"I was born and raised in Marion. Apart from living in New York while in the Army, I’ve lived my whole life here. I now live south of Marion now with my wife, three boys, 4 dogs, and a host of other critters.
I started in the car business part time cleaning the shop when I was 12. I started full-time in 1989. I had a ‘sabbatical’ from 2003-2006 when I started a software company that sold software to car dealers. I got back into the car business on 2/1/2007 when my wife Cheryl and I purchased Marion Ford Hyundai. I own and operate three other car dealerships in two states.
My only active hobby is playing the trumpet, usually at local churches with some friends of mine from high school. I have played the trumpet for 30 years and enjoy it very much. I have some “inactive” hobbies that I hope to resume someday such as woodworking. I would also like to be on a S.W.A.T team, but I think I am past the maximum age. I still dream about that one though and hope that some municipality will waive the age thing for me, especially since I know the theme song so well.
I have three wonderful boys that are active in scouting, gymnastics, little league baseball, playing with the neighbor boys, digging holes and wrecking ATV’s. My wife Cheryl is a non-practicing attorney. She does a terrific job of guiding the boys through their misadventures and generally making her fourth boy’s(me) life a living blessing.

I have spent most of my life serving myself and my family. I am very much looking forward to serving my neighbors in this capacity as a school board member."